PLAYED BY: Julia Douglas

AS SEEN IN: Dead Camper Lake

QUOTE: “I can’t be hurt.”

Herr Doktor’s greatest creation, Victoria was assembled from the remains of some of the greatest demon hunters of our generation. She’ll break all your bones in nine places.



PLAYED BY: Anne Kennedy Brady

AS SEEN IN: JourneyQuest

QUOTE: “Don’t talk to me.”

A standoffish elfmaid with a deadly aim and incredible ears (both for hearing and admiring), Nara is actively pursuing a destiny she won’t talk about.

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PLAYED BY: Matt Shimkus

AS SEEN IN: The Gamers

QUOTE: “I shall smite thee with my mighty blade!”

The Warrior Prince of the Icewalker Tribe, Rogar—whose intelligence is NOT a 4, regardless of what you’ve heard—is the proud bearer of the Sword of Ogre Decapitation… which sadly only works on Ogres.



PLAYED BY: Steve Wolbrecht

AS SEEN IN: Demon Hunters, Dead Camper Lake


This poor accounting major always seems to land in the wrong place at the wrong time. This tournament is no exception.

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