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  1. I’m for the “Continue as written, mount a campaign for $500,000, and shoot the complete season if the campaign succeeds.’ option and the option to continue projects like JourneyQuest

  2. I would also vote for the continue as written option, with a KS campaign for $500,000 for the complete season.

  3. Profile photo of Rob Roberson Rob Roberson says:

    Gage the interest in the big dollar amount. If it’s there then you should pursue it. If it’s not then you should move to the dollar amount that would help you complete the story. You guys did the original series (7 episodes) for free and as I recall (I could well be wrong) season two was under 50K. Both were well done without the need for spending oggles of dollars. Big and epic is cool without a doubt, but if the story is good then you don’t need all the bells and whistles to tell the story. The story is the thing…all the cgi/ special effects don’t make the story.

    Go small and complete the epic journey.

  4. I’ve been a fan of you guys since the Gamers 1 (actually, since Demon Hunters, so… long time fan). I love seeing all your work, and the humor and effort put in that, in all honesty, I wish was available in Hollywood media (with budgets that big, you’d think execs could buy a fucking clue and give us good stories… aside from Joss Whedon, who seems to be one of the only guys in Hollywood with his head completely clear of his ass). I’ll back whatever decision you guys decide to do, so just do what you feel would be the best move for the company and allow you to keep producing such high quality stories and films.

    I will admit to being a fan of JQ and the Gamers series (so the big projects), and I understand that the budgets have grown for both (I know something about economics, and it makes sense to me), but I can see where trying to do Kickstarters for those amounts in not only challenging, but also daunting. I state again that this fan will understand whatever path you choose to take, and be there on the journey(quest) with you.

    So long as you give Nathan Rice plenty of acting roles! ;) He’s been my fav for as long as I’ve been a fan (and I still tell my less-than-stellar students, “You have the attention span of a narcoleptic infant”).

  5. Profile photo of ladyvinyl ladyvinyl says:

    When I signed up as a Phase II contributor, I did not think that this early in it, our Phase II contributions would fund whole seasons or projects. I say shoot JQ in it’s accurate/full script and mount the kickstarter/crowdfunding campaign. Us (your fans) would like to see your epicness continue and we know that it is not cheap to do the incredible work that you all do. We’re here and we’re willing to put in money to make sure your shows/projects remain AWESOME!

  6. 500, 000 seems like a a much larger budget than before… When I signed on, what I enjoyed most was the writing of Journey Quest and that made up for any lack of big budget. I would say, stick to the good writing and I will support the smaller kick starter.
    I am sorry Matt is leaving. I hope that will not delay JQ3.

  7. Profile photo of Anna Anna says:

    I vote for continuing as written, mount a campaign for $500,000, and shoot the complete season. If this is not possible then I would prefer reducing the scope of the script until it can be shot with a lower budget.

  8. Like many people here i am a long time fan. As impatient as i am to see season three i want it to be done right. Wait for the $500,000

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